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New lines

3jam customers are using our numbers as second lines for their cell phones, work numbers, private numbers, dating or classified ads, ad response tracking, or anything at all. You can even manage multiple numbers in a single account!


Take your number with you! With 3jam's number portability service, take your landline or wireless number anywhere you move, without high carrier costs or having to get a new phone line. Plus, make outbound calls and send texts!


Are you making it easy for customers at your retail locations to tell you what they want, love or hate about your business? Dedicated voice and text feedback numbers give you immediate insight that could make or cost you money!


Have a phone you hardly use any more, but you want to keep the number? Then join 52 million U.S. people already saving money by going all-wireless. Consolidate your work, home and extra cellphones by porting your numbers to 3jam today!


International business? Moving overseas? Now you can have a dedicated U.S. number that customers, friends and family can call or text to reach you, anywhere you are in the world! It's a domestic U.S. call or text for them, and cheap rates for you!

3jam Cloud Numbers

Flexibility, privacy and control.
Both voice and SMS text enabled.
New U.S. numbers or port in yours!

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What can 3jam do for me?

  • Route calls to multiple phones or Skype/IM
  • Two-way SMS texts from mobile, web or email
  • Voicemail with transcription lets you read voicemails
  • Block anyone you want and choose custom messages

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Why choose 3jam?

  • Privacy. Your calls and messages remain yours.
  • International. Freedom to move anywhere, globally.
  • Group texting. Collaborate with anyone, anytime.
  • Customer support to answer all your questions.

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