Executive Team

Andy Jagoe, CEO and Founder

Andy is an entrepreneur who has spent the last ten years focused on improving the way people work and live through the use of communications technology. In 1996, he founded Intranet Communications. As CEO, Andy created a MyYahoo-style Internet portal platform software product and closed early stage sales to organizations that included Nissan North America, Pinkerton and Computer Associates International. By early 1999, Intranet Communications was a profitable, cash flow positive business.

In 2000, after recruiting a seasoned management team to run Intranet Communications, Andy left to work as an independent marketing consultant to startups in the mobile location services industry. His time was split between projects in Europe and the United States. This work culminated in Andy publishing a book titled Mobile Location Services with Prentice Hall. He then joined Palm, Inc as a product manager in the wireless software group.

In 2003, Andy joined Netservice Ventures Group to focus on next generation mobile product strategy development for NTT and Sony Mobile Products and to incubate and invest in innovative new mobile media businesses. 3jam was incubated at Netservice Ventures, where Andy remains a partner. Andy holds an MBA and a BA from the University of California, Berkeley.

Enlai Chu, CTO and Founder

Enlai co-founded 3jam in 2005 and oversees its technology and infrastructure initiatives. Prior to 3jam, he was Director of Business Development at IPWireless, a leading mobile broadband technology provider. Before joining IPWireless, Enlai founded Local Number Portability and VoIP service provider Number Networks in 2003.

Enlai has been involved with several technology startups in key engineering and product management positions, including at Vovida Networks (acquired by Cisco Systems in 2000), Cathay Networks (acquired by Purple Communications in 2002), and XML Global Technologies. In 1996, Enlai co-founded [essi:ji] entertainment, an events management company specializing in marketing promotions for several nightclubs in Vancouver, Canada.

Enlai holds an MBA from the Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley, and graduated on the Dean’s Honor List with a Bachelors of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia, Canada. In 2003, he was named "Forbes Future Capitalist" and selected to be a Mayfield Fellow. Enlai also co-founded the UC Berkeley Venture Capital Investment Competition in 2004.