API Methods


add is used to add friends to a user's friend list. 3jam.conversations.startNew can then be used to start 3jam conversations with friends on a user's friend list.


Authentication with a 3jam user's mobile phone number and password is required


api_key (required)
api_version (required)
mobile (required)
Mobile number of 3jam user you're requesting friends for
password (required)
md5 the concatenation of the mobile number and 3jam password for this user. e.g. in PHP: md5($mobile . $password)
friend_name (required)
Name of friend to add. Full name preferred for disambiguation during a 3jam but minimum of 2 letters in full name is sufficient.
friend_mobile (required)
Mobile number of friend to add. Prefix non-US numbers with + and country code


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<rsp stat="ok">
  <friend id="355829365" name="Charlie Brown" />

Error Codes

98: Login failed
The login details or auth token passed were invalid.
100: Invalid API Key
The API key passed was not valid or has expired.
105: Service currently unavailable
The requested service is temporarily unavailable.
111: Format 'xxx' not found
The requested response format was not found.
112: Method 'xxx' not found
The requested method was not found.
501: Friend's mobile number is invalid
Mobile number provided for friend to add is invalid
503: Friend's name is invalid
Name provided for friend to add is invalid
504: Cannot add yourself as friend
Friend's mobile number provided is same as the user's number