Step 1: Save the 3jam Phone Number

Save the 3jam number to your phone's address book. Choose whichever number is cheapest for you:

US - 43526
UK - +447797806160
Australia - +61416905200

Step 2: Add Friends

Send a message to the 3jam phone number with "add" followed by your friend's first name, last name and phone number. Like this:

add John Doe 1-415-555-1234

Step 3: Start a 3jam!

Simply send 'text' followed by your friends' names to the 3jam number 43526 (i3jam)

text John Kyle Jane

Alternatively, to send the first text message along with the 3jam initiation, include a dot (.) after the 'text' command and then type your message!

text John Kyle Jane . Hey guys what up?

To 3jam like a pro, check out our full list of phone commands and tips!